What would you do if you were 23 and living in the digital age… get online!

I was provided with the name Georgia Tolley shortly after my birth. This name has been my identity and soon it will have Television and Broadcasting BSc (hons) graduate after it. 

“I have no special talent. I am only passionately curious.” – Albert Einstein.


Why study a Television and Broadcasting degree you may ask…? Well, if you must know it is because of a dream a little girl once had. This little girl would look at the Television and think that it was MAGIC. The press of one button and just like magic people would appear. It was like another universe to this little girl and never did she imagine that she could actually be a creator of the magic inside. But the older she got and the more she questioned the world around her she soon discovered that making the TV inside the magic box could actually be a career!

People would ask her what she wanted to do and she would say ‘the television’ she didn’t quite know the ins and outs of what and how many jobs there actually were around the TV…but she just knew that if the TV could be a job, then it’s the job she wanted. 

The illusion of the ‘magic’ faded and left her wondering how this actually worked. This inspired ideas and creativity on how the little girl could make her own TV and how this would not even seem like a job. If you haven’t realised, this little girl was me. So that is why this is my dream career path, I want to be a creator of magic, with the ability to spread knowledge to people all around the world. Therefore, this course has been the grand final step for me to learn about the different areas of Television and reinforce how much I love this industry.  

So, look around, read my stuff, watch my videos, leave comments, contact me, whatever you want to do. Most of my work is on this blog now, if you would like to read more about the creation of magic

This includes information about my placement year, where I worked at the University of Portsmouth as an Enterprise & Innovation Ambassador, and ran an innovation group called Innovolvement. Have a look around the ‘To innovate or not to innovate’ page; here you can see how I developed skills outside of TV for a year. It’s pretty interesting…so I would read it if I were you.

Throughout my degree, I have been involved with various productions (live shows) and I have just completed my final year project, this is all under the ‘How to fail your degree’ page. Here you can find videos that I have produced and read about the skills I have developed. 

The aim of my Final year project

“Let’s all motivate each other and together we can all live a life driven by aspirations; creating happiness and higher standards of work for all.” – Georgia Tolley

Obviously, to succeed in this career path you have to work weekends. If I still have your interest by now have a look on the ‘Weekends are for working’ page and see what fun projects I have been involved in…including live presenting at Bournemouth Air Festival. 

The image of the VHS tapes has been provided from Unsplash.