Moment to challenge yourself

When you challenge yourself, you realise that you can achieve goals further than your expectations.

I challenged myself when presenting at Bournemouth Air Festival (BAF) 2015/2016 and that made me understand how confident I can be. I was always a quiet child however University has made me a stronger communicator. Through pushing myself to speak in front of large groups of people I have developed my confidence and self belief. 

Challenging myself led to me presenting live at BAF to thousands of people. 

“Challenges are what make life interesting and overcoming them is what makes life meaningful.” – Joshua J. Marine

“I have recently been inspired from a book I have read entitled ‘Talk Like Ted’, to develop my public speaking and communication skills. Through reading this book and watching TED talks from inspirational people, I decided to take action and sought lessons from a public speaking coach. Furthermore, I actively challenged myself and put the skills I had learnt to use by speaking at a public event.

Favourite quote: “Every ‘no’ means you’re one step closer to ‘yes.” – Joel Osteen” Rachel Holden. 

What Rachel has said about this book has made me want a copy. I believe we should get taught at school about communication from a young age and then students will be able to understand and communicate with each other more effectively.  I too am a fond lover of Ted Talks and always watch them if I need some motivation. 

So many of the issues in the world could be resolved if we all communicated better with each other.

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