Moment with a loved one

This moment reminds us how important the people we love are, in our life and happiness. If you are trying to find your passion in life, remember you have people there to support you! Go for it. 

We all support each other at times of illness so why don’t we support each other better in other areas too. To have a strong community where everyone supports each other means we will all achieve and lead more fulfilling lives. 

“Don’t get hung up on the hard times, the challenges. Tell your story by highlighting the victories. Because it’s your victories that will inspire, motivate, encourage other people to live their stories in grander ways.” – Iyanla Vanzant

It is important to share your stories with others. You never know how an experience from you can change another’s life! If we all share, together we can succeed. 

“6 years ago, my Mum became seriously ill with a rare autoimmune disease. Every month she must travel to London to get treatment. On one occasion, she met a girl with the same disease. This girl was only 18. At the age of 19 she was told she had a year to live. However, this did not get her down and she did not give up. She looked for ways that could help her live longer. She has recently celebrated her 21st birthday and it’s a year on since she received a heart transplant.

She doesn’t think of her illness as a disability, she uses her illness and her knowledge to educate others. She uses her voice to help others and to raise awareness of rare diseases. She is a fighter and always extremely happy.

This inspires me because she could have chosen to give up but she didn’t. This sort of bravery and enthusiasm to raising awareness is inspirational. It made me realise that although something could be absolutely heart-breaking or devastating to you, you need to make the most out of your time with loved ones and your time in the world. Helping others in a small or big way. Being able to help others is one of life’s best gifts.” Jessica Sutton.

Jessica’s moment is important because it is very easy for anyone to give up in life at crucial times, when you need to keep going. A family member of mine, Lida DalBello-Dighton, was told that she only had a few months to live in 2014. However due to energy medicine and alternative therapies she completely healed herself of cancer after 6 months. Proving that a positive approach can lead to amazing results. Please follow this link to read her story and to see how Lida is now helping others overcome their illnesses. 

“The power to heal yourself is totally and absolutely within you. I am living proof.” – Lida DalBello Dighton 

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