Anonymous moments

Here are some moments that have been shared with me anonymously through a survey that I made, which has been part of my research for my final year project. Please have a read through and see how other women have been inspired in their lives. 

“Watching the London marathon inspired me to become fitter and do something that will challenge me. My manager that I previously mentioned made me believe that I can achieve above what I thought I could.”

“My mum is a dental hygienist and she said you must be inspired to have a career where you’re respected and have money to support yourself and you don’t have to depend on a male.”

“During my GCSE’s my drama teacher inspired me to want to become a drama teacher. Her passion for her students sparked something in me and I have worked with children in various jobs ever since including nursery schools to a children’s summer camp in the United States.”

“When achieving an a* in art at school I believed I could achieve a job in the art/design industry.”

“A female screenwriter I met in Bali convinced me to go to University.”

“Whilst I was at University I knew what I wanted to do roughly but was unsure where to start. Many influential figures in the fashion and music industry inspired me to seek this type of career. Once I did my research I put all the time and motivation into this area which helped me in the long run.”

“Family members in the field showed me how amazing it was.”

“I met the social media manager of the University of Portsmouth. She was very passionate about her career it inspired me to aim for a similar role.”

“Family members have encouraged me to go down a path I would not have previously envisaged going down.”

“A youth worker inspired me to do a degree in youth and community development”

“Money so I can be independent”

“My sisters inspired me to go to University”

“In some ways yes, following graduation I had assumed I would follow the textile design/fashion route (as my degree and experience was in this area). However, I was inspired to follow a more academic path as well as pursue my performance ambitions which I never expected to become more than a hobby.”

“At work or at university, my tutor inspired me to be driven and enthusiastic.”

“I have met some amazing, independent people whilst volunteering abroad during my gap year, who inspired me to travel more and pursue what I wanted above everything else, and taught me that you can achieve anything with hard work and dedication.”

“Someone who loves their job and finds worth in it made me reconsider my job so that I could feel that satisfied from my job too.”

“My mental health was being affected by my previous job therefore I made the decision to move jobs to gain a less stressful job.”

“Mother pushed me down science rather than art and/or teaching as I had thought originally.”

“I changed after having 2 children. I wanted a less corporate role and wanted to make a difference to society.”

“My relationship has changed the way I see my job prospects. In a positive direction, more so than a negative.”

“I get inspired by people all the time – and I am the type to try something different to what I tried before.”

“Stuck in dead end jobs and my brother informed me about work experience as a graphic designer and I am now leading a team.”

“Getting a part time job working with children made me realise I want to be a teacher.”

“Picked up an interest in social policy/ community care from taking part in student journalism.”

“My parents. They didn’t really do much with their lives, didn’t motivate me to do very well as a child, especially my mum. She wasn’t a very good role model so I always aspired to never be like them and work to be the best I can be.”

“When most people were choosing University, I didn’t find a course that stood out for me so I looked up different creative jobs found visual merchandising. I found a course for it in London and am now a qualified VM. I’ve always loved store windows and that’s what encouraged me to look into how they were created. “

“When it comes to people my tutor at college for VM inspired me.”


“My children.”

“I’ve changed direction several times, I can’t remember what inspired me!”

“I have always been into performing arts however now I study film production in University. Over the years my career path developed and changed because I wanted to experience filmmaking and saw how fun it looked to produce films.”

The image of the reflection has been provided from Unsplash.

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