Events & Talks

I have attended many events over the duration of my degree. The University of Portsmouth is always providing the opportunities for guest speakers to come in and lecturers are always very helpful with sharing external events with us. These events have been inspirational and have taught me various things from attending them. 

Internal events from 2016 include: 

Mike Bushnell (BBC Breakfast News) – A Journey through TV


This talk was interesting as Mike Bushnell is passionate about the work that he is doing and you can tell how much he loves working in the industry. It was lighthearted and reinforced how quick the turnaround for projects is in the industry. He spoke about different sports that he has been trying out, including worm charming (yes it is a real sport…) and synchronised swimming. 

Here is a video that he showed in the talk with him trying out the synchronised swimming, love the use of GoPro in this to really show how difficult the sport is. 

Barbara Machin, screenwriter: Creativity, Writing & Believing in oneself..!

Professional Red Camera workshop – This was a really fun workshop to attend and allowed me to see how hard it is to become a focus puller. The camera’s and lenses that were shown to us were amazing and we had a chance to test out the slow motion cameras. I have a video we filmed from this of me flicking my hair back, which I will be uploading soon – once I figure out how to make the file smaller…

An external event which I attended earlier this year was the Women of the World event, at the Southbank centre, London. This event was recommended to me by a lecturer and it was an amazing day, please follow the link onto my Women of the World post where you can read all about the day. 

Another important external event that I attended in November 2016 was the RTS Student Masterclass, in London. The event was very interesting and gave insight into documentary filmmaking, script writing, journalism and entertainment. From going, I learnt that I am much more interested in the documentary and entertainment side of the industry and seeing two very passionate women speak about their careers had motivated me further in my final year at University. 

Please see below for each full talk from the event. Videos and descriptions taken from the RTS website.  

“Sally Wainwright is the creator and writer of BAFTA-winning series Happy Valley and Last Tango in Halifax. She shared her top tips for aspiring writers at our 2016 Student Programme Masterclasses.” 

“Documentary Director Rowan Deacon, who has worked on programmes such as Our War and The Tube, shared tips on making compelling films at our 2016 Student Programme Masterclasses.”

“Rohit Kachroo is the Security Editor for ITV News, who previously worked as the broadcaster’s Africa Correspondant. He now oversees the coverage of worldwide counter-terrorism and national security issues. Rohit shared his top tips on climbing the ranks as a journalist at our 2016 Student Programme Masterclasses.”

“Suzy Lamb started as a production secretary and is now Head of Entertainment at Thames TV. She shared the secrets to success in entertainment at our 2016 Student Programme Masterclasses.”