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September 2017 – January 2018

‘Open Source Cinema’ – a sustainable film production company. After completing University, I supported a film lecturer with a new venture with the aim of sustainable filmmaking. I met Daniel Mulligan at the Albert Certification training in 2016, where we both received our Carbon Literacy certificate. My role with Open Source Cinema was to promote the company and to develop the website to effectively represent the brand. I used social media to collaborate with other companies, including BAFTA, who have the same agenda and similar companies who have the same ethos. I also worked with Lucky Deer productions to develop the EV Van project animation. I am still supporting the work that Dan is doing and hope to work with the company again in the future. 


March 18th 2017 

‘Recreating the 1812 ‘Pompey’ Messiah: Exploring the Spirit of Performance’ 

Organising a group of students to film in a church for a live music performance, which went remarkably well. I assisted a senior lecturer of drama and musical theatre from Portsmouth University on this research agenda. I was responsible for arranging the group of students to attend the event and to ensure that the students carried out their roles effectively throughout the evening. The footage that we recorded was then used towards this research.

Filming at Messiah Event



December 3rd

Filming Le Cabaret Avant-Garde charity event

November 13th 

Memorial day filming in the guildhall square in Portsmouth. For this event I was a camera operator, which was being broadcast onto the big screen in the guildhall and across the CCI TV Channel. It was rewarding to be part of this event and to see how many members of the public attended to pay their respects. 


Photo above: the team for the day 

August 25th – 29th 

Raising money for Cradle Charity at Reading Festival




Springfield School, Hampshire, teaching year 9’s over four lessons how to develop storyboards into one-minute adverts.

July 23rd – July 26th 

America’s Cup world series, Portsmouth. I assisted stage managers from Event 360 with escorting people on and off stage, interviews and competitions. 




Riverside School, working with different ages to introduce them to a video camera and build their confidence with talking to a camera