Final Year Project

At University as part of my Television and Broadcasting course everyone completes a final year project (dissertation). For my final year project I am conducting a study to find out the following:

To what extent is technology able to lower barriers to employment for women aged 16-32?

This is because I am very passionate about encouraging other people to find their perfect career. The way I see it is that we only have this life and we are all going to spend the majority of it working, so for me it is essential to spend this time doing something I love. Therefore I wanted to research into this and to show ways women can break down barriers to employment to find careers that they are passionate about, reaching their full potential. As a female in the target demographic I feel very lucky to know that I am going down the right career path so want to do everything I can to inspire other women to use technology to help them find their right paths. 

This video from The RSA shows the way I see the current work system and enthesises why this research is important for both women and men. Please give it a watch as it clearly demonstrates how many people are spending their lives and why this should change, especially now we have the technology to change it. 

This is the main page which gives an overview of my research project. Then I have the page ‘Women Now’. This gives an overview of different women who have felt inspired to go towards careers that they are passionate about, with the chance to be creative in their work. Within this page you can find 4 different posts where you can find video’s that I have produced, with links to further research about what is being discussed. 

The next page ‘Moments of Inspiration’ discusses why it is important to feel inspired in life. This page links to different posts of inspirational moments, that women have sent me about when they have been inspired in life. These moments of inspiration are there to encourage women to follow what they are passionate about and to recognise when these moments come along. The aim of this is also to show the beginning of a community, where women can support each other by sharing memories. We have all been through hard times in life and these can hopefully inspire unemployed women to be positive and get themselves out there. 

This positive page should provide a spark of inspiration to the reader. This is going to be ongoing, welcoming comments and for people to connect with me. Women can be a huge support network for one another. Whether this is through sharing stories, job interview tips or ways to find your passion and more. 

I also want to demonstrate how technology can influence people into jobs they might not have known they can do (or even exist). So you will see links to different website and blogs that I have found. This is important to do as I have spent time researching into this topic and now I am able to share this information with others. 

This video below is very important as it highlights many issues, including how it is hard for women to get jobs especially women in ethnic minorities, and how technology can even be a barrier. Therefore more support is needed in the world for anyone who does not know how to use technology. 

The image of the coding has been provided from Unsplash.