Moments of Inspiration

Throughout life there are many moments that inspire us, in our careers or in our home life. These moments make you stop and think about the present moment and provide you with clarity. It is easy to get wrapped up in everyday life, so it is understandable that many people become separated from the present  moment. Since the media make it difficult to not live in fear or keep you distracted. So this place on my  blog is for women to share moments: little stories, videos, voice recordings, pictures and can spread the inspiration through to anyone viewing. 

To see moments that have been sent to me, follow the All Moments drop down tab at the top of the page.

The moments that are on here are ones that women have wanted to share with me. If you would like to share a moment on my page, or know anyone else that would like to please contact me on my contact page

These could be stories about a time where you have inspired or motivated another person to follow a passion of theirs and what impact it had on that person. Everyone should have the chance to find a job which doesn’t feel like a job. How do we encourage other women to use technology to find their passion in life? Leading them to that perfect harmony of working in their dream job. You would look forward to work everyday…

Here is a link to Marie Claire if you would like to read about – Inspirational women through history

Throughout my blog I have used various quotes, I love reading quotes and found this PDF with 75 Quotes about Creativity and Innovation, worth a read if you want some inspiration! 

The image of the magnifying glass has been provided from Unsplash. 

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