Television Broadcasting

If you have made it onto this page, well done. You clearly have an intriguing mind which has been lured in to find out about Television Broadcasting. These are four live 30 minute broadcasts, with the themes CCI (Creative and Cultural Industries), Volunteering and Climate Change for you to watch. With a radio show about the music history of the Guildhall in Portsmouth, that you can listen to.

A lot of hard work goes into making these shows so please either have a watch or follow the link next to each video to know what I personally did towards each broadcast. 

Show 1: CCI 21.10.2016 – My experience of vision mixing and completing the first show of the year. 

Show 2: Express FM – Glorious Guildhall  25.11.2016 – Operating the sound desk on my first radio production. 

Show 3: Volunteering  27.01.2017 – I love being behind the camera. 

Show 4: The Last Show on Earth – Climate Change 03.03.2017 – save the best role for last, this is the producer role! This is a longer read as this was our most ambitious show. I learnt a lot from our last ever show of the year and in the TV studios at University.

If you are interested in watching more shows then please follow this link over to the CCI TV Channel website, where you can see many broadcasts from other students and year groups.