To innovate or not to innovate

In between my second and third year at University I decided to undertake a placement year. The process of applying to industry placements allowed me to develop my CV, write covering letters, go through lengthy job applications and practice my interview skills. After lots of trial and error I successfully became an Enterprise and Innovation Ambassador for ten months. This was a job I had never thought of before and didn’t realise how many transferable skills I would develop from completing a job slightly different to my chosen degree.  

Some main things I learnt about was business, marketing, events planning and running, developing bids and mostly how being innovative can lead to a million possibilities. This is explored further on my Innovolvement page, so please give it a read.

It was an amazing and transforming experience, dipping my toes in a world away from my degree path, and I would recommend for others to do the same. 

The image of the paint brushes has been provided from Unsplash.