Women Now

Many women have pushed the barriers and created/found careers in which their passions lay. It is motivating to hear these women’s experiences about how they have got to where they are. I have produced videos from the Enterprise Tuesday evening at the University of Portsmouth, Female Entrepreneurship night as part of my research. The speakers at this event were Sandra Sassow, CEO at SEaB Energy, and Heather Barrie founder and director of Harrie’s coffee

These women have both found careers that they are passionate in. Sandra uses technology in ways that are good for the planet and has developed her career from programming for the Hubble telescope. Whereas Heather uses technology to develop her brand and share her delicious Fairtrade beans. Both women need technology for their careers to develop and both have websites to showcase their talents. 

Please see here for the videos I produced for Sandra Sassow. 

Please see here for the videos I produced for Heather Barrie.

I also thought it was important to interview Carolyn Watt, research assistant for the Enterprise and Innovation team at the University of Portsmouth. Carolyn is also completing a PhD, focusing on social circus, enhanced by digital technologies to foster social inclusion of young women. This is part funded by UoP and part funded by an EU Interreg 5a project awaiting application outcome. 

I worked with Carolyn last year on my placement and she has been very inspirational to me. Therefore thought it was vital that I filmed her thoughts on this topic as she has been carrying out research around young women and digital technologies. 

Please see here for the videos I produced for Carolyn Watt.

The importance of these videos is for other women to see that we are all the same and we can all influence each other, so we should! One woman sharing their story will hopefully motivate others to live their life gaining/working at a job that they love. Also to encourage women to use technology in ways that can develop their skills and enhance their chances of getting jobs. 

I attended the Women of the World event in London 2017, this was a very inspirational event and you can read lots of information about the talks that I attended. I have included videos that I have watched around the topics discussed at the event for further knowledge into the matter. 

I have learned an incredible amount from these women and they have helped further my research. It has been great to be able to produce videos of these women, which has developed my production skills and given me the opportunity to share their stories. A main thing I have taken from my research is that education and how we learn needs to be changed to fit us as humans. Below is a video from The RSA which I think effectively talks about education and I think really sums up why people are being restricted and not reaching their full potential, so please give it a watch.

You can see more videos like this about other issues on The RSA website. 

The image of the cliff has been provided from Unsplash.